DIY | Souvenir Terrariums

With the arrival of spring, and summer lurking around the corner, many of us are planning vacations or weekend trips of some sort. For me, a trip to the beach or a hike in the mountains usually results in a souvenir from nature like seashells, driftwood, leaves or a baby pine cone. I take these little trinkets and bring them home to hang around the house in jars or little bowls. I like seeing them and remembering adventures and fun times with friends.

I decided to put my treasures and a little teacup to work, and have them house a few air plants that I picked up. Air plants and succulents aren’t needy like other plants (that I can’t seem to keep alive) so they are perfect for nesting in little containers around the house. With the air plants, you don’t even need dirt! Talk about low maintenance.

Terrariums are everywhere these days, and you can easily find air plants, succulents and containers from stores like West Elm or Terraria at Paris on Ponce. Take a stroll through Garden Hood in Grant Park and you’ll have a hard time leaving empty handed. They have beautiful plants including succulents and pottery for purchase.

The steps to this “DIY” are pretty simple.

1. Find a container. I suggest using one that’s special to you.

2. Add dirt if using succulents and maybe a few pebbles in the bottom for air plants.

3. Add plants and treasures.

4. Go on an ADVENTURE and collect more! See the gif below for all of the ones I made.

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