In Atlanta’s art community, new opportunities are always arising for local artists. In our new series, Get to Know, we interview galleries and other potential resources for new and established local artist.  In our first post of the series, we talked to Yu-Kai Lin, owner and director of KAI LIN ART gallery.

What’s your gallery’s address, neighborhood and hours?

Kai Lin Art: 999 Brady Ave. NW, Suite 7, Atlanta, GA 30318—located in the Westside Arts District in West Midtown. Hours are noon–6pm Wed.–Fri., noon–5pm Sat. and by appointment

What’s the process to apply and show at the gallery, especially as a new artist?

We encourage artists to go through our online submission process: Email with your bio, CV, a selection of three to five smaller (less than 3 megabyte-sized JPEGs) images of your work along with any other pertinent information. We receive a large number of submissions, so please allow several weeks for a reply. Walk-in submissions will not be reviewed. You can read more here.

Approximately how many shows do you have a year?

We produce seven exhibitions per year featuring between three to four artists per show.

How many pieces are ideal for a show?

The number of pieces in each exhibit depends upon size of the works.  If 10 pieces can fill the entire space, then that’s all we need. We tend to have a minimalist aesthetic in terms of curating exhibitions.

Does the gallery have an overall theme for shows or does it welcome any subject?

Our slogan is “made with love.” We exhibit local artists at reasonable price points. As soon as you walk through our gallery doors, our goal is to create a positive environment and to foster appreciation for the gift that art can bring into the life of each collector. Our exhibitions are themed by look and feel, and we tend to group artists together that complement one another aesthetically.

What criteria do you look for when choosing whether or not to accept an artist and their pieces? What are the top things artists should know?

The criterion involved in curating artists involves much thought and careful planning. We exhibit artists that exude a unique point of view, craftsmanship and technique. Before seeking representation from a gallery, an artist must know himself or herself, and be able to convey their passion through their chosen medium and subject.

What’s the best way for an artist interested in your gallery to approach you?

We review each and every submission that comes through submission process. Artists should do research on our gallery and our program to see whether their work would be the right fit. The proper etiquette in approaching a gallery is to do your homework and make sure that you don’t step on toes in terms of either proposing your work during an opening or walking in to submit your work.

Any issues than can come up when putting together a show?

Working with multiple artists at once to produce an exhibition can sometimes be a challenge, as it involves pulling together many moving parts all at once. The best thing an artist can do is to be helpful and easy to work with. This makes the entire experience pleasant and collaborative.

What do you think about Atlanta’s creative scene?

In many ways, Atlanta is the capital of the South. Our city is a centralized hub of creativity and growth. I think Atlanta is bustling with arts leaders, activists and forward thinkers that are all pushing this city beyond its perimeter to create a city that we can be proud to call a destination for the arts.

What shows and other things does KAI LIN ART have on the horizon?

Our current exhibition is SOLACE, featuring Patrick Heagney, The Dorn Brothers, Cassidy Russell and Carl Linstrum. WONDERMENT opens on Friday, Dec. 13, featuring Wyatt Graff, Lucha Rodiguez, Kristine Nardelli and a group exhibition of under $1,000 in my office. We’re also partnering with Bombay Sapphire to produce two events in tandem with Stephanie Cottle of SCC Productions dance company to develop a night of art, music and dance on Nov. 22.

Any words of encouragement for local young artists?

Believe in yourself. Listen to your heart. Let your truth shine through. Take the advice of those that have mentored you and that you respect. Be willing to adapt and change. Be willing to learn. Love what you do.

Visit KAI LIN ART’s website and like them on Facebook to learn about their upcoming shows and events.

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