CAROLINE COX | Co-editor-in-chief/Social media manager

Caroline is a content marketing manager and a freelance writer. She loves black cats, yoga, pizza and outer space. Follow her on Twitter because “Roses” by OutKast is about her and she’s got jokes. Website | Twitter | Instagram




MURIEL VEGA | Co-editor-in-chief/Webmaster

Muriel is the associate editor at a local tech publication and a freelance writer. She loves to travel and eat her way through Buford Highway. Website | Twitter | Instagram





Michelle is a freelance writer living in Atlanta. When she’s not storytelling, she can be found tracking down knick knack shops, decadent doughnuts and other local destinations of intrigue. Website | Instagram

Tara Davies

TARA DAVIES | Contributor

By day, Tara works for a super cool local tech company in Atlanta. By night, she can be found DJing all over the city. She enjoys reading, wine tastings, and slurping pho. Twitter | Instagram


EMILY FOSTER | Contributor

Emily is inspired by art history, artists and the underbelly of the studio, travel and the nooks and crannies of the urban environment. While her day job is event planning and project management, her heart will always be in the arts. Website | Instagram


ERICA HAWKINS | Contributor

Erica is the content marketing manager for a local tech company, clothing shop owner, and freelance writer. She takes her coffee black, bourbon straight, and music live. Website | Twitter | Instagram


LISA HIGHFILL | Contributor

Lisa is a writer living in Atlanta. She works for an local eco-conscious clothing brand, writes about art, and travels whenever possible. A lover of storytelling and last-minute road trips. Website | Twitter



Rosi is a writer who works with kids and loves the arts. She lived in three different countries but feels the most comfortable as an “ATLien” though depending on when you meet her she might yell in Italian or dance in Spanish.


LISA NGUYEN | Contributor

Lisa is a coffee person and freelance writer living in Atlanta. She is small in stature but has big love for the outdoors, film photography, and cute things. Website | Instagram


HANNAH PEARMAN | Contributor

Hannah is a New Zealand-born and raised painter, cake enthusiast, and wannabe astronomer. By day she’s the Director of Communications for a global nonprofit that unites art and advocacy to support shelter animals. Website | Instagram



Kimberly is an international digital producer for a news station in Atlanta. When she’s not covering untold stories around and inside the city, she can either be found curled up reading a book while drinking a good cup of coffee with her cat, The Dude, or jet setting to unexplored locations. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


LYNNE TANZER | Contributor

Lynne is a freelance artist, curator, consultant and writer. As a mother of 2 young boys she is frequently found with a quad shot latte in her hand and mismatched socks on her feet. Website | Instagram


GINA YU | Contributor

Gina is a freelance storyteller, moonlighting as a Creative Director for a local agency and a consultant to small businesses and dreamy individuals. Find her waxing poetic about coffee or obsessing over patterns
(textural, cultural, social, delectable or otherwise). Website | Instagram