DIY | Festive Cocktail Stirrers

This month’s DIY is quick and easy, plus it includes a free printable sheet to get you started! These festive cocktail stirrers can be made using just a couple of easy-to-find items. They could also be used as donut toppers (I prefer donuts to cupcakes, myself), attached to the top of a wrapped gift, or created on a larger scale and paired with flowers.

What you need:

  • Skewers, wooden craft sticks, dowel rods
  • Tissue paper – solid colors, patterned or metallic
  • Paper – any weight will do, and you can go white or use a color
  • Glue
  • Washi tape (or regular scotch tape if that’s all you can muster)

For the fringe sticks, you need a strip of tissue paper about 4 inches wide and 24 inches long. Don’t get hung up on these measurements though—you can play around. Small ones are great for using in drinks, or you can make really large ones for just waving around in a friend’s face.

1. Fold the tissue in an accordion style until you get a thin piece (no more than 1 inch wide).

2. Cut thin strips into one end about halfway down.

3. Unfold a bit and lay out flat, then apply a dab of glue.

4. Take your dowel/stick/etc. and roll the glue around to spread it out a little.

5. Roll the tissue around the stick and twist to tighten.

6. You can then add washi tape for a pop of color and to secure it a bit more or just leave as is.

For the Hooray and Let’s Party flags, simply download the PDF, cut and assemble. I’ve created little guide marks for trimming, but they are simply that—you can always make your flags thinner if needed. Cut the page down the middle, and then cut the flags into strips. Fold in half to create a corner, apply glue and insert stick, refold and then trim the end by cutting a little triangle.


Let’s party!


For more projects and some awesome stamps, visit Brandy’s site

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