ON LOCATION | gloATL’s gestures that soon will disappear

This past Friday evening, Muriel and I headed to Midtown for gloATL’s sunset performance of gestures that soon will disappear, in collaboration with the Paper-Cut-Project.

The performance took place in a large field at Midtown’s Promenade, where dancers interacted with the sizable crowd of onlookers and photographers while engaging in synchronized movements that included rolling down a hillside repeatedly in slow motion while wearing strapless ball gowns. The event was one of six planned pop-up performances in and around Atlanta, which are all free and open to the public. Here’s the explanation from gloATL:

“A suite of physical installations grappling with community empowerment and the perceptions of art and objects in public spaces vs. museum institutions through a contemporary exploration of our body as a possibility for everything, the humble material paper and public participation. In its entirety, the work forms an interlocking series and an ever-deepening wrestle of culture and identity and how we can change what is valued and how we value it.  Through a non-verbal language that exists all on its own, gestures that soon will disappears over-arching mission is to bring breath to a community and to slow it down.”

Check out where the next gloATL performance will be and more on the project here. Photos by Muriel Vega

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