ON LOCATION | Catlanta x Evereman Pop-Up Shop

On Aug. 15, the CommonCreativ EICs headed to Edgewood Avenue in Old Fourth Ward to check out the Catlanta x Evereman pop-up shop in Fallen Arrows’ Phase A space. The event was the beginning of a weekend-long opening where the public had a rare opportunity to purchase totes, wall art, T-shirts and more, all designed by the elusive artists behind Catlanta and Evereman. The duo have gained popularity in the artistic community through leaving free art pieces around the city and using social media to provide clues about the art’s location. Various Free Art Friday participants were dropping free pieces throughout the event, while drinks and a hot-dog stand were posted up for guests out back. Naturally, the ease of obtaining pieces from these popular artists without having to hunt around town appealed to many, as a line formed down the street and most pieces were sold out by the first night’s end.

Photos by Muriel Vega

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