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mammalWhen Mammal Gallery opened in 2013, it became a beacon of culture and art in South Downtown and, particularly, Broad Street. The often-overlooked strip quickly became filled with murals, art festivals, and block parties. The Living Walls’ alligator mural (on Forsyth Street) was no longer alone.

Other local organizations followed in search of community and affordable rent for their projects and businesses. ELEVATE Atlanta, a weekend-long art event featuring exhibitions, murals, and talks in the area, only got bigger. Ladyfest Atlanta, a three-day showcase of local musicians, performance artists, and feminist-themed conversations, premiered there last year.

At CommonCreativ, we love that this area has flourished into an awesome arts district. Due to recent news of nearby developments and possible new landlords, we wanted to highlight some of the organizations that are making the area a creative haven for Atlanta artists.

via Office of Cultural Affairs

via Office of Cultural Affairs

  1. Mammal Gallery — Mammal is the perfect marriage between DIY gallery, event space and studio space. With live music, readings and ongoing exhibitions, Mammal was one of the first tenants in South Downtown that began revitalizing South Broad and bringing in folks to the area. From Deer Bear Wolf’s readings and release parties to hosting an all-women art show, Mammal’s support of emerging organizations and artists goes above and beyond.
  2. Murmur — Murmur is a local nonprofit organization with a DIY and ephemeral media focus. They host workshops and created the 1/4 curated program, inviting curators to create programming and event series for three months. They also host the annual fundraiser Printed Matter (coming up on Dec. 2) and our beloved Atlanta Zine Fest. The non-profit gives a much-needed boost to the underserved DIY community by providing affordable venues and platforms for their DIY art.
  3. Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery — Eyedrum has been in the Atlanta arts scene for quite a while, and that’s why their move to South Downtown in 2014 felt so important. The nonprofit space hosts contemporary and experimental exhibitions, and is as supportive of artists as it is to writers by providing storytelling workshops such as the Writer’s Exchange.
  4. Broad Street Visitors Center — The Broad Street Visitors Center is a catch-all for the nearby arts community — hosting events, exhibitions and live music throughout the year.
  5. FUSE Arts Center — A home for creative entrepreneurship, Fuse offers co-working spaces as well as workshop space for local creatives trying to get their businesses off the ground. At an affordable rate, creative startups, artists, and small businesses can set up shop, connect with like-minded folks and take advantage of C4 Atlanta’s business workshops.

Looking for more treasures in the area, including the Downtown Players Club? Head this way.

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